Coconut Bowl


Coconut Bowl size average 14cm.

The Zero Waste Spot bowl is made with real coconuts. 🥥



The Zero Waste Spot bowl is made with real coconuts. 🥥It’s perfect for all kinds of food, from smoothie bowls to salads, everything looks and tastes better in our bowl. ✨

Being a 100% natural product, there may be slight variations, each bowl is unique in shape and size:

Diameter: 13cm – 15cm (average: 14cm)
Depth: 6cm – 7cm (average: 6cm)
Volume: 500ml – 700ml (average: 600ml)


  • Hand wash in soapy water. Do not use the dishwasher and do not leave them soaking with water or soap for a long time.
  • Our Bowl works best for food at room temperature or cold food. For hot dishes, prepare your oh my coco for the temperature change by soaking it in warm water and letting it dry.
  • Do not expose your bowl to extreme heat, do not put it in the refrigerator, microwave, oven or dishwasher. On some occasions hot food can cause the bowl to crack.

Tips for its durability:

Varnish your bowl with virgin coconut oil (or any other natural oil) every 10 uses approximately, this will keep your bowl soft and with a shiny surface while resealing the pores.


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