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Why going zero waste?

 A sustainable lifestyle

Micro-plastics are not just in the ocean or in the fish you are eating. We are ingesting them on a daily basis. People who only drink bottled water consume 90,000 microplastics a year, those drinking tap water consume 4,000 a year. That is a staggering amount of 84,000 microplastics less a year, and that’s is only from drinking water. Add the amounts that we eat and breathe and we are beyond scary. We need not only systematic change, we need a change of mindset. We need to break our plastic addiction. We need to go back to nature.

On Aruba the waste management system still consists of trash in a landfill. There is some trash being buried waiting to be burned. These are far from being sustainable waste management solutions. But, before we can start talking about recycling the waste we produce it is imperative that we reduce it. If we fail to reduce the waste we produce, then there is no point in recycling. We need to move towards a circle economy where we take as little as possible new resources from earth. We need to think before we buy, where is this product coming? where is it going after I use it?

We need to take responsibility of our actions and the impact they have. We are not only ruining our future, and the future of the generations after us. We are taking all nature and animals with us. We need to choose what kind of legacy do we want to leave behind. Nothing we do will ever have more value and impact than choosing to do the right thing, not what’s convenient. Start today by bringing your own reusables, and refusing single use plastic. Our individual actions matter, be an example and inspire others to live a sustainable lifestyle that will literally save our planet.

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